When you greet someone with a smile, you’re sending a message about who you are. If you’re concerned your smile isn’t sending the right message, visit Cesar Hurtado, Jr., DDS, for advice on restoring your smile. White fillings may be the answer you’re looking for. If you’re located in the Miami area and interested in learning more, schedule an appointment at Cesar Hurtado DDS by calling or booking online.

White Fillings Q & A

What are white fillings?

When your tooth becomes decayed from trauma or improper care, you may notice a cavity, or a hole in your tooth. If you find a cavity or suspect you have one, Dr. Hurtado can fill the cavity and restore your tooth with a filling, which fills in the hole left by the cavity with a durable material. White fillings are a customizable option for this material made of plastic and porcelain.

Why do I need white fillings?

If you don’t want your filling to be noticeable, talk to Dr. Hurtado about white fillings. In addition to being sturdy, white fillings can also be colored to match the rest of your teeth, making them very hard to notice. With white fillings, it’s easy for Dr. Hurtado and his team to give you a smooth and complete smile.

What happens when I get white fillings done?

During your appointment for your white fillings, you’re given a digital X-ray for precision imagery, so Dr. Hurtado knows exactly where to place your filling. Next, Dr. Hurtado cleans the decayed part of the tooth from your mouth.

After cleaning the area and prepping it, Dr. Hurtado begins filling the tooth, pressing multiple layers of the white fillings into the hole. After each layer, he uses a special light to harden the composite. With the tooth made whole, Dr. Hurtado smoothes and shapes the filling to prevent wear on the mouth and staining. He then colors the filling to match perfectly and blend in perfectly.

How long will my white fillings last?

White fillings are made from a hard composite material made to last for many years. Smaller cavities filled with white fillings have been known to last up to 10 years with proper care. Prevention and care are best for the white filling to last as long as possible.

What can I do to maintain my teeth after my white filling?

Once you receive your white filling, you may feel slight discomfort until you’re fully healed. Once your tooth is no longer sensitive, you should resume proper brushing and flossing routines. Visit with Dr. Hurtado on a regular basis for exams and checkups. Dr. Hurtado advises you how best to care for your mouth and teeth during your appointments.

If you’re ready to put forth your best smile, speak with Dr. Hurtado at his Miami, Florida, office to discuss how best to make your smile natural, strong, and solid. Call for available appointments today or book an appointment online as soon as possible.

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